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Dance With Me

Dance With Me

Medal Tests

Dance With Me offers students the opportunity to take accredited medal tests through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD). 

Medal tests are a great way to develop a dancer’s style and technique and lead to a more technical understanding of the dances.

There is a progressive programme of medal tests: Social Dance Test, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Star, as well as various special award tests. For each level you will be expected to dance most of the steps specified in that level by the ISTD syllabus, and dance those steps with the quality of proficiency and technique expected at that level. A certain minimum number of dances is required for each different medal test and the cost of doing a medal test varies from test to test.

For a medal test, you can dance either with a partner or with your teacher.

During the test, you and your partner/teacher will be the only couple in the studio, with an examiner from the ISTD watching and taking notes. 

A few weeks after your test, you will receive a copy of the

examiner's notes plus your certificate and medal.

The best way to prepare for a medal test is through individual

lessons (on your own or with a partner).  In this way we can

make sure that you are dancing the correct figures for each

level, using the correct technique.  If you are already attending

a group class, you will able to use what you have learned in

class and refine it through individual lessons.